Bhavana Kanukurthi

I recently joined the Computer Science and Automation Department at IISc as Assistant Professor. I work in the area of Cryptography.


I conducted my doctoral research under the amazing guidance of Prof. Leonid Reyzin (Boston University, Computer Science Department). In the past, I was an intern at Microsoft Research (guided by Dr. Yael Kalai) and Bell Labs (guided by Dr. Vlad Kolesnikov). I also spent several fun years working as Prof. Rafail Ostrovsky's Post-doctoral Researcher at UCLA. I was a visitor at Microsoft Research, India in April 2014.


My research is in the area of Cryptography and uses techniques from coding theory, pseudo-randomness etc. See here for more details.


Aug-Dec 2016: Theoretical Foundations of Cryptography (Tue, Thu 3:30PM - 5:00PM, Room 252/CSA )


Office: Room 310/CSA/IISc; Email:

NOTE: I am unable to offer any short-term internships at this point. However, please email me if you are interested in applying for an internship during Summer 2017.