Research Interest

My specialization is cryptography, a key enabling technology for cybersecurity. In cryptography, I focus on the standard-bearer problem, called multi-party computation (MPC) that allows a set of distrusting parties to jointly perform a collaborative computation on their private inputs in a way that no coalition of cheating parties can learn more information than their intended outputs. I also work in the area of fault-tolerant distributed computing that includes classic problems such as broadcast and Byzantine Agreement (BA) that allow a set of distrusting parties to jointly reach agreement on their private inputs even in the face of a coalition of cheating parties. The core focus of my research can be broadly classified into three areas as follows and as elaborated below: (a) Foundations of MPC; (b) Applied MPC; (c) Fault-tolerant Distributed Computing.

Recently, I have started exploring the application of MPC in the domain of machine learning (ML) such as training a model, classifying, clustering based on data possessed by several competing entities who do not trust each other. Her latest interest include Blockchain, one of the emerging technologies, and its application in cryptography at large that includes MPC, BA, smart contract and beyond.


Below find my research publications related to cryptography topic-wise / year-wise / type-wise. For all publications see my DBLP record.

Reading Groups

We conduct reading groups on exciting, tredy and classic topics in cryptography to build deep understanding and to initiate research. If you wish to join, please contact me. Follow our activities page for the list of ongoing and previous reading groups.