Bhavana Kanukurthi

Assistant Professor

PhD (2011), Boston University

Post-doctoral research (2011-2014), UCLA

Together, my students and I, are part of the Cryptography, Security and Privacy (CrySP) Group. Check out our webpage!


Current Students

  1. Sruthi Sekar (PhD, Mathematics)
  2. OSL Bhavana (PhD, CSA)
  3. Rohit Chatterjee (MSc and BSc, Mathematics, Co-guided with Himanshu Tyagi (ECE))
  4. Abhishek Shetty (BSc, Mathematics)
  5. Ananth Narayan (Visiting student June 2016 - Aug 2017; Previous affiliation: BIT Pilani, Goa Campus)


Graduated Students

  1. Marilyn George (M. E. 2016, Currently Research Fellow at Microsoft Research India)
  2. Cressida Hamlet (M. E. 2016, Currently Engineer at Nvidia)
  3. Nithin V Nath (M.E. 2016, Currently Engineer at Adobe)



  1. Mukul Kulkarni (Summer 2017; Affiliation: UMD (graduate student))
  2. Abhishek Kumar (Summer 2017; Affiliation: IIT Kanpur (under-graduate student))
  3. Srinivasan Raghuraman (Summer 2015; Affiliation during internship: IIT Madras (under-graduate student); Current affiliation: MIT (graduate student))



  1. Theoretical Foundations of Cryptography (Aug-Dec 2017. Past offerings: Aug-Dec 2016, 2015)
  2. Randomness in Cryptography (Jan-Apr 2017, 2016)
  3. Cryptography (Jan-Apr 2015, Co-taught with Arpita Patra)
  4. Discrete Structures (Aug-Dec 2014, Co-taught with Arpita Patra)
  5. Discrete Mathematics (Online course for Microsoft's MEC initiative, co-taught with Nishanth Chandran and Neeraj Kayal)



  1. Bhavana Kanukurthi, OSL Bhavana and Sruthi Sekar. Four State Non-malleable Codes. In submission.
  2. Nishanth Chandran, Bhavana Kanukurthi and Srinivasan Raghuraman. Information-theoretic Local Non-malleable Codes and Their Applications. TCC (A2) 2016
  3. Prabhanjan Ananth, Nishanth Chandran, Vipul Goyal, Bhavana Kanukurthi and Rafail Ostrovsky. Achieving Privacy in Verifiable Computation with Multiple Servers - Without FHE and without Pre-processing. Public Key Cryptography 2014
  4. Nishanth Chandran, Bhavana Kanukurthi and Rafail Ostrovsky. Locally Updatable and Locally Decodable Codes. TCC 2014
  5. Nishanth Chandran, Bhavana Kanukurthi, Rafail Ostrovsky, Leonid Reyzin. Privacy amplification with asymptotically optimal entropy loss. J. ACM 61(5): 29:1-29:28 (2014) (Journal Version of a STOC 2010 publication.)
  6. Yevgeniy Dodis, Jonathan Katz, Bhavana Kanukurthi, Leonid Reyzin, Adam D. Smith
    Robust Fuzzy Extractors and Authenticated Key Agreement From Close Secrets. IEEE Trans. Information Theory 58(9): 6207-6222 (2012) (Journal Version merging our SCN 2008 result with that of a CRYPTO 2005 result by my co-authors.)
  7. Yael Tauman Kalai, Bhavana Kanukurthi, Amit Sahai Cryptography with Tamperable and Leaky Memory. CRYPTO 2011
  8. Bhavana Kanukurthi, Leonid Reyzin: Key Agreement from Close Secrets over Unsecured Channels. EUROCRYPT 2009

Details of the Conference Papers which were published as Journals Articles:

  1. Nishanth Chandran, Bhavana Kanukurthi, Rafail Ostrovsky, Leonid Reyzin. Privacy amplification with asymptotically optimal entropy loss. STOC 2010
  2. Bhavana Kanukurthi, Leonid Reyzin. An Improved Robust Fuzzy Extractor. SCN 2008


PhD Thesis: Randomness in Cryptography

Awards: 2010-2011 Research Excellence Award, Department of Computer Science, Boston University



Room 310/CSA/IISc

Phone: 080 2293 3561




My research as well as that of my research group is being and/or has been funded, in part, due to generous awards received from the Department of Science and Technology (Inspire Faculty Award), Government of India, Microsoft Research India as well as a start-up grant from the Indian Institute of Science.